Joey’s Story

Private financing of elections, a form of prostitution

Author: Bob Moss

ISBN: 978-1-927538-00-5



JOEY (Joseph Roberts Smallwood) appears on the book cover as he was seen ‘in the political prime of life.’ It was the 1950′s and almost single-handed he had made Newfoundland, an island off northern North America, together with Labrador, a continental section across from it, a province of Canada. He would become its premier, the equivalent of governor in the U.S..

A deep thinker, no doubt, and an avid reader he had one of the best stocked private libraries in Canada. His passion was in researching history.

Born at a Newfoundland coastal village on Christmas Eve he would die Dec.17,1991.

A Liberal in politics and sporting his earmark, a bow tie, to show it, he seemed so informative as to shock news reporter and author Bob Moss in what he said of governing systems in both the U.S. and Canada.




A political book of enlightenment for Americans and Canadians alike...